Shirt Power
During his business career, the average man will buy at least 500 shirts, spending more than $20,000. And if you have your shirts laundered, you can add another $15,000 or so. That’s a sizable investment; and one which, if used wisely, can pay big dividends.
In our society, and particularly in business,business, appearances do count. The better-dressed man makes a better first impression. And a better first impression can go a long way.“Elegance is concentrated in the shirt.”
The well-dressed man is the man in control. Being poorly dressed can take you out of the competition before you begin and leave the control in the hands of others.
A tastefully-chosen shirt and tie will help project the image of an executive who cares about presentation and details. Careful shirt wardrobing can stretch a small clothing budget and make a man look like he has made it even while he is still getting there.
Your shirt should subtly reflect who and what you are, as part of a whole ensemble that says “this is a well dressed man, listen to him.” The ability to make this kind of  an impact is not innate, it is learned. So, let’s begin.