The Shirt Book


In less than ten years, The Shirt Store has attracted an intensely loyal group of customers. Here is how one customer describes the attraction:

BIG CITY STYLES – SMALL TOWN AMBIANCE by Bill Wagner Nestled among towering office buildings and the majestic Grand Central Station is a remnant of small town America. The Shirt Store is a place where you are known by your name, where there is a jar of pretzels on the counter for you to help yourself, where there is the charm and wit of Carol Konop — its proprietor.

The store is staffed with knowledgeable and helpful salesmen and saleswomen. Here, customers are treated as kings and queens, and the motto is “the customer is always right — even when the customer may be wrong.” There are always smiles on the faces of both the customers and the store staff, and the service is unparalleled. At The Shirt Store, the difficult is easy, the impossible is made to seem easy, and there is perhaps the largest and finest selection of quality and styled shirts in the country.

“The shirt is the canvas for the expression of personal style. Carol Konop’s informative and entertaining guide tells you everything necessary to be polished, well dressed and elegant. Read this book before you buy another shirt and tie.”

I was a customer of Carol’s in her prior endeavor and was among her first customers when she opened “The Shirt Store.” While many of New York’s finer stores offer premium service, none provide the hospitality and hometown feeling of Carol’s shop. If you want to leave a package for a few hours or the day — do it. If you want to make a quick phone call do it.
If you want to drop in for a quick hometown hello — do it.

And if you want to buy some shirts from a fabulous collection — do it. When you do make a purchase, you go away feeling that you are genuinely appreciated and have been well served. I guess this is why we all love the old small town style and why I love being a part of the world of Carol Konop and her “Shirt Store.”

“An easy read ... a gift that has practical value to those of us who have to look at ‘shirts and faces’ in meetings. This book is just like Carol Konop’s Shirt Store – friendly and stacked to the ceiling with good ideas.”

In this informative book, Carol Konop, founder of The Shirt Store, tells you everything you need to know to get the most from your wardrobe investment.

Rather than going through an “Oscar Awards” litany, thanking my forebears, descendants, neighbors, et. al., for their help in putting this book together, I will instead, for brevity’s sake, thank my husband, Tony, for his patience, support and stamina all these months, and Terry Chabrowe, my computer and marketing wizard for his guidance, advice and copy. And, most of all, my beloved customers for their help and encouragement; whatever success I may achieve always starts with them.